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Hi Linda,

Wow!!! A big thank you to Carlos, Julie & Norma for an incredible top to bottom cleaning of our home. Amazing! Thank you so much, Linda, for coordinating this. Thank you also for coordinating the carpet cleaning. Our home looks so clean! I was standing in the bathroom in amazement.

Please pass along my thanks to Carlos, Julie & Norma. I am very grateful!

Thank you, Linda for such professional care.

I will be in touch to talk with you about hopefully establishing a regular cleaning schedule for our home. Thanks again!


Hello Spencer,

I just wanted to thank you and your amazing, hard-working crew for the work done in my home yesterday.

It was so great to return to a dust-bunny-free environment, beds made, my mess nicely organized to not look like a mess…a miracle to say the least.
I would be happy to recommend your service to anyone that may ask.


Dear Mr. Dean and Staff,

Thank you for cleaning my house so beautifully. It’s never been so clean since I moved in. You all were kind, courteous, efficient and very nice.



Dear MasterCare,

I want to thank you very much for the great job your crew did cleaning my rental unit. Since I have a small property and I have so little turnover I usually do the cleaning myself. I will not show my units unless they are absolutely clean and feel that whoever rents them are doing so because they look so great and they don’t have to clean before moving in. I also feel that they are more likely to give it back to me in the condition they found it…or at least close to to the way they found it. This last occupant was very nice but left the unit in terrible condition so I decided to give you a try…I will definitely be using your services again.

Thanks again,



OK Your crew was absolutley INCREDIBLE. I am sure I must owe you something extra. Please let me know. Thank you for making me speechless with an awesome job!!

Well done…I am happy to send you a payment for whatever extra I owe.



I cannot thank you, and everyone who works for you, enough for all you have done in giving me back an environmentally safe home. At the start, it had been so dusty and so cluttered, that I was at risk at losing my place of residence and had a 60 day window to turn it around. Last week, my landlady came by to follow up on my place and marveled at how nice it looked and how much had been done with it. I know it was MasterCare that helped save the day!

Thank you Spencer for everything,